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Lynne Moncrieff

Seeking Stillness 10.5”x 5”

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This one-of-a-kind Mixed Media artwork sees a focal of a leaf which was originally a hand-carved stamp by Lynne, inspired by one of her Cyanotypes, stamped onto watercolour paper with muted soft grey and hints of Walnut Ink and splatters appearing from both this media and stamped, grungy dots. Layered to a MDF Tag, details appear such as torn fragments of Walnut Ink stained Tea Bag paper and muslin with the stamped words, Seek Stillness In Your Life. A rusted safety pin and lone primitive hand-stich bring small details. Another detail on this tag, a piece torn from a shipping tag, stained with Walnut Ink with addition of a rusted washer.  Pieces of stained muslin, layered between the Tag and Panel provide more textural interest along with the Tea Bag paper, stained with Walnut Ink and coated with Acrylic Liquid Wax which covers the main panel.

Artwork is coated with cold wax medium

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Please note the photos shown are for display purposes only and artwork is not supplied with frame, bulldog clips and wire.