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Lynne Moncrieff

From The Garden on MDF Tag size #10 – 4.2” x 8.4” (No4)

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This one-of-a-kind tag features a leaf eco-printed shipping tag layered onto various pieces of

eco-dyed and rusted papers and fabrics. The initial layer of this MDF tag is eco-dyed rice paper onto which fragments of more eco-dyed rice paper were layered to create areas of texture for the background. Onto this, a piece of eco-dyed calico with raggedy edges forms the base for more layering in the form of rusted papers such as book text and tiny pieces of rusted handmade paper. The focal of the eco-printed shipping tag sees more of those small pieces of handmade paper. Wrapped around the bottom end of the tag, rusted twine, slipped through a rusted washer and to the upper edge, a piece of eco-dyed fabric rests beneath a twig bound with more of the rusted twine.

Artwork is coated with cold wax medium

Please note the photos shown are for display purposes only and artwork is not supplied with frame, bulldog clips and wire.