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Lynne Moncrieff

Life and Nature 8” x 8” on MDF Panel

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Layers of white Gesso, watercolour ink sprays, walnut ink and pastels on cotton rag paper, mounted to MDF panel, create the background for this one-of-a-kind Mixed Media artwork. The textural background sees hints of colours such as sage and ochre with darker edges of black enhancing a rustic appearance. Look closely at the background, through the various layers of media, subtle areas of stamped text also appear. Layers of stained and dyed papers were layered to the background. To this, a stamped tree forms the focal with machine stitching down the trunk of the tree with further machine stitching elsewhere on papers. A fragment of eco dyed cotton fabric is attached with a rusty safety pin and above this a twig. Further details on this piece of artwork include rusted fragments of handmade paper, partially stamped quote onto rusted paper and another piece of twig.

When creating this artwork it was very much the essence of Autumn that I wished to capture.

Artwork sealed with cold wax medium

Please note the photos shown are for display purposes only and artwork is not supplied with frame, bulldog clips and wire.