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Lynne Moncrieff

Quiet Strength MDF Chunkie Approx 2.5”x3.5”x1”

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This one-of-a-kind Mixed Media artwork is an assemblage which could be used as a paperweight, decorative item or seen as a talisman an Affirmation for your day. The base is an MDF Chunkie which has a crackled appearance using a chocolate brown chalk paint as the base layer before the upper layer of a buff chalk paint. The crackle effect to the paint brings an aged effect to this piece with the same crackle effect appearing on the heart, but more of that in a moment. Tucked behind the heart, a piece of coffee stained and stencilled calico. The wing attached to the heart was painted with a rusting medium before dry brushing with Antique Gold paint. The heart itself is a resin heart with twine wrapped around the top end along with a piece of twisted metal wire. To the front of the heart, the words Quiet Strength stamped on and layered onto pieces of coffee-stained cardstock with a piece of book text seen and no more, peeking from the underside of those layers.

Please note the photos shown are for display purposes only and artwork is not supplied with frame, bulldog clips and wire.