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Lynne Moncrieff

Spirit of the Woodland 6”x6” on MDF Panel

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There is a strong tactile quality to this one-of-a-kind Mixed Media artwork starting with the cotton rag paper mounted to the MDF panel. This beautiful paper is layered with Walnut Ink and Acrylic Paints, with this media also appearing on the calico strips, machine stitched to left side of panel.  The machine stitching serves the purpose of adhesion but also bringing more texture and therefore interest overall.  The focal is a large circle containing three smaller circles and the stamped words “Spirit of the woodland”.  On lower right, a dried sprig rests on rusted/eco-dyed paper, machine stitched with a fragment of stained calico.

Artwork sealed with cold wax medium

Stamps: That’s Crafty! The Language of the Trees Set 1

Please note the photos shown are for display purposes only and artwork is not supplied with frame, bulldog clips and wire.